Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Beautiful Day

“This song is close to home. It’s about my home life and my relationship with my father.” Melissa James

As the warm beat implies, ‘Beautiful Day’ draws listeners into a calm, breezy world filled with feel good energy and sunshine smiles.  It’s only natural that you want to just keep listening on.  But what’s really behind the song that was released by BMG and featured in FOX FM homegrown within the first week of release? 

Removing the success factor of Melissa James and Ashley Cadell’s collaboration on ‘Beautiful Day’, let’s strip it down to its essence. Apart from it being a song about the life and times of Melissa’s home life, this is a song written about a daughter’s devotion towards her father. 

“My father (whom I miss dearly, he passed 2 years ago) was a stern, hardworking but sociable man.  He created the culture at home,” says Melissa.  “When he was happy the whole family was happy.”  

I surrender myself to make a brighter day
All I ask from yourself is for a little praise
Love conquers all that’s what they say
I’ll give you everything
When you’re blue skies are grey

“His mates would be over regularly, singing and carrying on playing the piano accordion. I would be in my room listening,” Melissa continues.  “So one day I got up and started singing Beautiful Day in my head.”

While Melissa’s goal was to impress upon her listeners in a light-hearted catchy tune that her father dictated the mood within the household, she does not hold back in singing that her father would always be there through the good and bad times.

No more rainy days ‘cos I’ll be there for you
To bring the joy back to your face
Sunshine is coming through
A thousand tears may fall
Until the rain has gone
But that will be over now
‘Cos im coming home

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