Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Day Recording

I am planning to record my next new song, “Swept Away” with my co-writer Shane Ryall.  

Behind the strutting, pouting entertainer who has been blessed with a rare five octave range - Melissa is just a shy Aussie girl from Melbourne who still gets pre-recording jitters.  

“I get a bit jittery before recording a new song only because I have to absolutely sound my best because recording is forever, you can chop and change things in the studio but the voice has to sound good and rested,” says Melissa.

As much as fans would like to think, singers just don’t get out of bed one morning and sing their way into the Top 20s still dressed in their pyjamas. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  But the lifestyle of a singer isn’t always a colourful, anything goes, “sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll” kinda thing. Vocal recording is an art unto itself and every artist approaches it differently.  

So how does our Aussie pop diva, Melissa James do it? She begins by getting a good night rest the day before the session.

“I get up reasonably early,” Melissa said. “I avoid doing things like checking emails and taking phone calls. I’d rather chill. I have my morning coffee and a bit of cereal.”

It takes Melissa hours of mental and physical relaxation before her voice is ready to begin a warm-up. If her recording is late afternoon, she will usually start at midday and warm up for an hour like an athlete to set the tone and warmth of her vocals. It’s only then that she is ready to take on a recording session.  

“I make sure that I wear something super comfortable. Maybe some jeans, Ugg boots and a casual track top.” Melissa shyly smiles.

Okay, not quite the pyjamas that fans imagined, but just as comfortable! It’s all about getting in the zone, keeping your vocals super fit and relaxed from beginning to end.  No wonder it takes time for Melissa to unwind and bring the mind and body back to normal after a session.

“It’s hard work, you to do a warm up for your vocal session and a warm down when you’re finished by humming for 15 mins,” Melissa says.  “After my vocal session it feels like I have done a work out.”