Sunday, 29 November 2015

Fun with RooArt

“RooArt flew me to Sydney for the launch of the “Black and White” Music Album magazine. I was honoured to be asked to be a part of such a major event.” Melissa James

It’s not every day that an artist gets an opportunity to get some insight on how record companies do business with artists. Most artists are not as lucky as Melissa where record labels like RooArt “gets you” and wants to manage your career. 

Today Melissa shares with us her experience with RooArt. “I was signed to ‘La Digue’ the sub label of RooArt,” says Melissa with excitement. “It was a great time in my career; this helped me a lot personally because I have had some insight on what record companies can really do for artists.”

While the internet has given artists an alternative route to make contact with and sell directly to fans, nothing really compares to what a great record label can do for you. Even with independent artists having access to some of the best online promotion and social media experts, it’s still slower and a lot harder getting your music out to more people without a record label. One can never pull the same strings that record companies can when you want to get on TV and more gigs. Record labels have local and worldwide industry influences that independent artists could never build on their own. 

“RooArt were a great record company. They provided the best service to their artists,” Melissa continues. “I was updated on a daily basis as to how and where the song (Baby Come Back) was going. They arranged promo tours on the east coast of Australia and flew me in all parts of the east coast and arranged my daily schedule. All I had to do was get ready and go. I met local people, industry people; they took me out to dinners and lunches.”  

Apart from Melissa being part of RooArt’s roster of several well-known Australian bands and artists such as Crow, Ratcat, Screaming Jets, You Am I, Wendy Matthews, The Hummingbirds, The Trilobites and Amanda Brown – she was also part of the launch of the infamous “Black & White” Music Album magazine.  

“I had to be photographed with little clothing but present an art form. So we decided I would be photographed as a leopard,” Melissa laughed. “It was a big deal!  It took 9 hours to paint me up as a leopard.”

Melissa’s grateful for the opportunity RooArt gave her. She will never forget the fun NYE gig she did with Kate Ceberano, Noiseworks and Rockmelons at Coffs Harbour. Nor will she forget the bloopers on the way.

“A funny thing happened during the night of ‘Black & White’ launch. We all appeared on stage to say a few words. They asked me, ‘Melissa tells us how the night is going for you’ … Being the honest person that I am, I said … ‘Well for a starters my Dad doesn’t know I’m here, he thinks I’m in bed. Apart from that it’s a great night and happy to be here!’  All of a sudden the crowd was laughing!”