Saturday, 4 February 2017

New Song - Cry

 “Your heart is happy, you start to glow,  you begin to see the positives in life,  you're basically happy,  UNTIL one day the unthinkable happens…,” Melissa James

We caught up with our Melbourne singer/songwriter, Melissa James on her upcoming song, “Cry.”  

All artists are trying to communicate and connect, and Melissa is an artist that truly knows how with songs like ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Copycat (Girlfriend) and “Swept Away.” Some may say that Melissa represents all backgrounds and touches on what really goes on in today’s society. Her upcoming song “Cry” is an example of how love is handled in a fast paced environment.  

“The song in my opinion is one which is real, this is what goes on in society for some,” says Melissa.  “There are relationships out there especially the younger ones who jump straight into a guy (or girl) they like and don't really see the bigger picture.”

“Cry” is a song about how people (in this case a young woman) learn by doing and when it comes to building relationships, only the experience of actually doing something and getting hurt will the lesson be taught. 

People often say, don’t get in, too deep
The moment we locked eyes it felt so crazy
Took with you my heart and every single night
I thought you were mine, but you said Goodbye

What we love about “Cry” is that Melissa and Shane Ryall introduces a moog sound bass that is round and furry to set a fuzzy moody vibe, rather like the Coldplay before taking the listener on a journey through a hip style dance groove. The lyrics are deliberately girly and youthful to symbolise innocence in the world of love. The song is easy going, has current pop sounds but remains very fresh, girly with slow catchy hooks. 

“I’m looking forward to the finished product, so exciting to create something new,” says Melissa.  “The end result is always surprising.”

Melissa is currently working on the film clip which focuses on a girl dressed in white in her bedroom. Imagine the bedroom draped in white with white silky, flowing curtains and maybe a tinge of pale blue background.

The new song is available on Pre Order and will be released later in April so watch this space or click on Melissa James YouTube channel here