Sunday, 6 March 2016

Copycat (Girlfriend)

“Copycat (girlfriend) is about believing in yourself.” Melissa James

Whether you’ve heard her on Adelaide’s KIXX Radio or seen her climbing the Euro Indie charts, Melissa James just keeps giving us more and there's something coming this April. We are really excited to give you a little inside scoop on her next song and film clip, “Copycat (girlfriend)”.

“One day when Shane and I were sitting down playing riffs on the guitar,” says Melissa. “Shane starts telling me these funny cute stories and with that came the title Copycat (girlfriend).”

Melissa met band member, Shane Ryall years ago in a soul classics band called ‘The Grand Wazoo’. Shane was the guitarist and Melissa was one of the singers and together they have written almost an album full of songs that are listened to worldwide. Some of their song reviews have been incredible! 

“Great sound!! I am listening to your tunes and really like it :) Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to "Like This Like That.” ~ Jason Rouvel Australia Canberra

“I bet you hear this all the time, but I was genuinely amazed when I first heard one of your tunes online Like This Like That.” ~ Nicholas. Canada

“Hi! If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, "Like This Like That" would be the tune in the background. My love for this one will never fade away.” ~ Brianna Green – United States

While the title of Copycat (girlfriend) may prepare you for a bouncy song with fresh and youthful vibes, don’t be fooled by its cute title. There is an edge to the song that opens up the song’s true meaning about personal identity and embracing one’s natural physical features. 

The song aims to especially inspire young adults to be comfortable within themselves regardless of hair and eye colour and stop trying to be a “copy” of someone else.  

You fake it all the time
Is that my dress you're wearing tonight?
Your makeup looks like mine
You just want to be me all the time

“I worked on this track with Doug Brady and Shane,” says Melissa “We are rapt that the music and sounds have an “in your face” pop element both musically and vocally!”

Copycat (girlfriend) is scheduled to release in April so stay tuned.